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Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 21, the day of 2,500 views!

Wow everyone, the response to this blog has been overwhelming and for that I thank everyone that stops by. Today the site had over 2,500 views, 1,500 of which were brand new users and 1,000 of which were previous readers returning! I appreciate all of the messages I've been getting and even without those, well, the numbers speak for themselves. Thanks again and I'll continue to strive to build a site up to the expectations of the readers!

Also I know feats specs are always relevant and talked about, so to fill space in between videos and large write ups I'll be posting a "Feat of the day paragraph" each day in which I explain one feat from my spec each day, give numbers and reasoning behind my choices etc... I'll start at the first tier and work my way down starting tomorrow :)

Settar - Tyranny
(Rising Arms)

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