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Friday, May 30, 2008

Feat of the Day #5!

Hey all! In today's FotD entry I'll be exploring two more feats down the thunder tree, Set's Life Spark and Empowered Life of Set.

First on the chopping block is Set's Life Spark, the tool tip on this is vague, so let's get some details! First off, know that Set's Life Spark is a buff, just like Set's Armor etc. Once you've applied the buff it will have a 30 minute duration. Now, if you die with the buff applied, you will see it begin to blink up top in your buff bar, instead of choosing a rez point, wait for the buff to expire. You will get a message " wants to resurrect you with Set's Life Spark. Click accept and BAM! There you are with 100% hp and mana (although you will need to re-apply your other buffs). It will be another 30 minutes before you can buff yourself with SLS again. Note: If you do not die in the thirty minutes the buff lasts, you can simply re apply it, you do not have to wait out the 30 minute cooldown until you die once. Also, if you die with the buff on but choose NOT to use it to resurrect and use another method, I.E. team mate rez or rez point, the buff will be removed and a 30 minute cooldown applied.

Empowered Life of Set: With this feat trained, you will gain a "Storm Charge" buff when you cast Life of Set. The buff adds damage to your next storm field pulse, lightning strike, or charged blast. Upon clicking the buff it seems the buff adds 90-167 (non-stacking) damage to the attack. I can't confirm or deny that it's scaling with level but I'll be checking as I continue my grind to 80. This feat is EXTREMELY nice with my TLoS build because while spamming LoS, I permanently have this buff up. That means when my storm field is pulsing every pulse can gain the bonus damage! (More testing will be done to confirm this :))

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope this helped! Also be sure to look for my FotD 6 video up tomorrow. It's unclear at the moment if both of my video ideas will be up this weekend, but I am on track to have FotD 6 (which will focus on tips and details regarding Lightning Cast) packaged with my other feat videos into a "Video-Pack" for high quality download, hopefully helping a bit with reading details not easily depicted in a youtube window.


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