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Monday, May 19, 2008

First Video Released!

Alright everyone I figured I should get a video up as I've been so busy with both RL and the leveling of my character. This is a fairly simple video just to give people a taste of how I'm leveling. Also the voice pieces I recorded for it were not rehearsed so there's some time filling blab I will admit :P Also be sure to subscribe if you like it, drop a comment etc.. It was my first time making a voice over for a video and making anything using Sony Vegas, but I look forward to getting better. Also I plan to host a high quality version on filefront later tonight. You can view the video directly HERE or via this page (it will be up soon).


Deathprevail said...

Hey, I just wanted to say nice video man, keep up the good work pretty sick aoe's haha.


Cyan said...

Seriously, keep up the sick work ;)

Anonymous said...

Can no longer do that "idol" army

Anonymous said...

OMG nice !!!
well done !

Anonymous said...

Could you have solo'd that quest without the Idol bug? Just curious. I have been thinking of rolling a Tempest.

Cheers and thanks.

Set'tar said...

yup you can, and as suggested a shield would go a long way towards making the pulls easier.