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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Early Access Delayed... What shall we do?

Well, turns out we have two and a half more hours to wait until we get to log in... Oh well, what else can be expected of a launch day? :) Until then I'll be re-watching the 1984 "Conan The Barbarian" film and reading up on my lore book that came with my game box. Hope everyone has some good distractions planned, because even the optimist should anticipate some downtime over the next few days. In case you need some ideas, Here are some things I've found around the interwebs to keep people busy :)

1) Defend Your Castle - Addicting flash game :)
2) HERE is a little screen-shot compilation by the Youtube user 'hjjjoo'
4) A nice overview of LORE from the AoC-Wiki

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