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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Feat(s) of the day #3: "Piercing SC, Storm Throne and Storm Regalia"

Today I'll be clumping three feats together because they all focus on improving one pivotal feat in the Thunder tree: Storm Crown. I'll discuss them each separately to give you an idea of each one's effects and uses, and then explain how they work together.

1) Piercing Storm Crown: This feat directly increases the damage dealt by storm crown by increasing its critical strike chance. Although an exact percentage is not given, 3 points in this will yield a VERY noticeable difference in the damage output of your storm crown. At 57 I level by taking pulls of 3-5 level 60 mobs and each time Storm Crown activates it crits on at least 2 of the mobs I'm fighting.

2) Storm Throne: This feat increases the damage of storm crown, restores the caster mana when it lands, and gives each group member their own "nerfed down" version of Storm Crow... Wow! That's quite a bit for one feat! The damage increase is nice, but minor when compared to the other aspects of this feat. The restore mana on hit is AMAZING, and the damage compliments it because the more damage SC causes, the more mana you get back. Also when Storm Crown is up each party member now has their own mini SC, meaning AoE'ing becomes an even more viable group tactic as your group's damage is increased even more by having more members.

3) Storm Regalia: This feat does each of the following: Increases the electrical damage dealt by the ToS's group members (it's unclear if this increases your own damage or not), gives your group members' attacks a chance to inflict additional lightning damage and restore mana and increases the damage of SC yet again. Again, another great feat jam packed with goodies for any ToS. With this feat it is impossible for a ToS to run out of mana if he keeps SC up while grouping. The amount of mana you get back from your group is insane, and you can know that every time you get mana back, your team mate's attack also caused additional damage!

How do they build on each other? Because the mana restored is a percentage of the damage dealt, every feat that increases the damage of storm crown also increases your mana regeneration. Also when you increases the crit chance with "piercing storm crown" you increase your chance to get mana back in "critical" chunks (each time storm crown crits you regain more mana and a blue "critical strike" message is shown for the mana restore ability). Any build taking storm crown should max each of these feats out, in my personal opinion, to increases the use they get out of storm crown, which is an ability that will carry you all of the way to 80.

The next installment will be a video based around the "Idol of Set" feat (no exploiting!) and will explain damage, uses etc, and I'll most likely group the feats that improve IoS with it in the video.

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Anonymous said...

Settar I've been following your posts and wanted to get some feedback on your PvP experience if any? How the class fairs, strengths and weaknesses. It appears your build is PvE exclusively. Though I also wanted to ask why you feated Static Blood (?) the electrical resist?

I look forward to more post by you.

Anonymous said...

Settar, thank you for your blog and video's. I am a casual gamer(and not very good to boot) and this helps out tremendously! I look forward to all your posts. I was originally in the lighning tree at level 19 and switched to the thunder tree. Now at lvl 20 I can take on 3-4 same lvl mobs without draining all my life and leaving me with little mana! If you have any other lvling hints I would love to hear them.