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Friday, May 16, 2008

Launch Is Upon Us!

Hey everyone, just a good nights sleep away from the opening of Early Release servers! After my first day of experiences I'll be posting a write up for my leveling etc so there's something decent to read here. Until then however, I'd like to share the feta spec I'll be aiming for for my first 35 levels or so. This build should give me good damage power as I'll need it leveling in an AoE based group. After the mid thirties I'll probably be switching to thunder, and I'll be sure to write up my reasoning for feat changes whenever I switch things around. Anywho, HERE is about what I'll be aiming for for the first 35 levels of play. If I were to continue in the lightning tree I'd pick up the Auto-crit feat and the mana restore ones, but as I said before, I'll probably be switching around this time. Oh, and it has been decided that I'll be rolling on the TYRANNY server with my guild, have fun all!

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