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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tortage Leveling Guide!

Hey there guys, I know a lot of "new blood" is entering Hyboria today and I wanted to put up a little tortage guide for the masses. This is brief but hopefully it can help some people know where they should be at what times and give them an outline. It was requested via e-mail but the user "Pensoso" sothanks to him/her as well :)

First 5 levels you'll do in that first area, kill everything in there, go off the paths to kill the mini-bosses etc. Once out you'll be at tortage city, here you want to talk to the smith standing outside and do his quest, he'll break your shackles and allow entry into the city. Once you can get into tortage city, grab all of the quests available to you, in the inn, down by the docks, etc. Once everything's rounded up go and do any that are yellow and orange that you can do to squeeze a couple more levels out of the way. After you're done with this head into the in and talk to the NPC to go into night time mode. Now you're in single player and the quest you obtain will be your destiny quest, you probably wanna start this in the 8-10 level range, the destiny quest should get you a few levels and more a lot more quests on tortage will open, so after a few steps of the destiny quest to where it's getting to difficult, head back to daytime mode. Gather any new quests and examine you're log, you'll have some basic quests now around Tortage as well as three main questing areas: The Underhalls, The Ruins, and White Sands Isle. Now just look at which quests are around your level and do your best to do large circuits and get a few done at once. Your goal here is to get to level 16-17 from daytime mode, because from there on it's smooth sailing to 20-21 with your destiny quests. Anyways, now that you're on the move you'll probably want to hit up the ruins and what you can do in white sands first, as many of the underhalls quests are more difficult. Quest on these up to 17, or 16 if you feel yourself spread thin. Then go ahead and enter nightime mode and stick with your destiny quest to 20. As I have said before the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do when leveling, is kill everything on the way from quest to quest, don't try and avoid mobs, just slaughter them if they're in your way. Otherwise with pure questing you usually find yourself short of where you want to be, so the kill xp does add up :)

Settar - Tyranny


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide, I'll definitely use it when I get my retail copy.

Madison said...

Interesting blog on Leveling guides. I use to review the Leveling Guides to play one of my favorite game world of warcraft.