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Friday, May 23, 2008

Feat of the Day #2 "Storm Crown"

Today I'll be talking about storm crown, the first feat you'll want to grab after maxing out growing storm. Storm crown admittedly starts out fairly weak, proccing infrequently and for small amounts of damage. You should not discard it, however because the three feats attached to it improve it to be a tool you'll use all the way up to 80. How do you use it? Well you'll have to apply it every thirty seconds which is obnoxious, but it's instant cast and can be applied as you run. Once on it will pulse around you and hit mobs; in my experiences storm crown procs when you are attacking something with your weapon, hitting it with spell damage, or when you yourself are hit. At level 51 the spell hits a mob for 150-200 with 300-400 crits (Which occur quite often since later feats improve crit chance). Also each proc restores mana, which can be 150+ per proc meaning the feat alone nearly eliminates downtime. For any spec, thunder, primarily lightning or any other hybrid you may come up with, grabbing and improving this feat will do you wonders :)

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lawvalamp said...

I really appreciate your blog. Very insightful and informative to people who are new to the game. It really serves as a nice starters guide to new players, and for people wanting to become more advanced at the game.

Keep up the good posts!

Mike said...

I don't think the SC proc is melee related at all- I zap critters/prey all the time when I run by, not even in combat.