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Thursday, May 22, 2008

In regards to the Idol of Set video

Hey everyone, unfortunately I have need to remove my video from youtube for the sake of our guild's reputation. While this video was shot and made before the "exploit" was supposed to be fixed, some viewers don't watch the video all the way through and realize that I recognize that it's a bug and that it's not how I normally level. While I appreciate the subscriptions, comments and messages the video generated, I'll have to remove it. I'll be sure to bring up videos for you soon so your subscriptions don't go to waste! Any videos in the future will be clearly explained and hopefully not as open to misinterpretation.



twincannon said...

Honestly I can't wait for this to be fixed just so people stop crying about it. It's hardly even useful, even when going crazy and summoning as many as possible. The time wasted getting them summoned is time spent that you could simply run around storm fielding.

Set'tar said...

Yea but thanks too the whiners I had to take it down, would have been nice to keep a 14k view video up though for the sake of publicizing the channel.