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Monday, May 26, 2008

Feat of the Day #4 - Video Up!

This video will show and describe in detail Idol of set and the feats that improve it! I'll show you the numbers for each feat, the description, and show how I use idol of set (No exploiting!). Hope you enjoy and feel free to drop a comment or subscribe to my youtube channel if you enjoy it! Also I suggest watching it directly on youtube because the quality and screen space improves.



Anonymous said...

nice video! The chian kills are crazy. I have been reading your blog a log.Thx for all the tips. I am a tos @ lvl38. I found out I die a lot while doing aoe mobs are similar lvl to me. Like I couldn't take on 4 mobs at a time unlike in your video. Did u have the same problem while u were in 30ish and 40ish?

Dee aka D1 said...

hi settar,

Would like to ask if you could do something on tempest gear? im level 41 and still stuck with lev 20 gear >< im not sure if its just me or what but cheers for a great blog and i look forward to more of your posts!

Set'tar said...

Haven't done a ton of research on gear yet but I can tell you that attribute stats are rather insignificant at this point. I just take whatever has the most defense and if it happens to have +electric damage, wisdom etc. then that's just an added bonus.