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Thursday, July 3, 2008


As much as it hurts to say it, I'm out, I'm done, it's over. I've really enjoyed getting to know community members and being able to help those I've come in contact with, but I can't play any longer. The game simply didn't engage me, even at 80 after having *some* memorable PVP encounters :) My main problem though, is not the game, but is more closely knit with my publicity and community involvement. I've tried to maintain my site, make interesting videos for you, post on many different message boards including the official boards, answer questions in every form of message possible, and I had even planned to write an all-encompassing ToS guide for the class (all of this on top of, you know, maybe actually playing the game a bit) :P I had a two part problem: If i stayed and tried to maintain the site and all of my "duties", i became stressed and overworked, but if I just played the game and ignored these things, I felt depressed when I wasn't responding to the numerous messages etc that I was getting. The only way to escape these opposites was to quit : / I don't know if I'll return, what I'll do if I do return etc, but right now even thinking about the reputation etc that I'm throwing away is very saddening. If any of you 'veteran readers' wish to stay in contact feel free to e-mail me (

I want to thank everyone who visited my site for their time and support, goodbye and thank you again!