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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Settar's Leveling Build

O.K. everyone, after looking into many specs an testing ability after ability, THIS is what I've come up with as my final build. Before it's pointed out, of COURSE I've drawn on previous builds I've seen for this, Atomik's build was definately an influence, but I wanted to make some tweaks that made more sense (to me). The build is purely meant to expedite solo (and small group) leveling and as such you should take the points in an order that makes the most sense for solo'ing. Because you don't have the means to AoE effieciently until higher levels, I would suggest going down thunder/general first, and then filling in the lightning feats, you may choose to take points out of general or thunder in a high level respec to grab all of the improved storm field.


1) Why get Power/Wrath of the Serpent Ring? This will help you with tough pulls and mobs, you'll find a detailed explanation of these feats in a post right below this one.

2) Why did you neglect a lot of lightning strike feats? Because when you're leveling, it's only a pulling technique (sometimes) and if you're on a PVP servers, for the random pvp encounters. Otherwise you'll be using storm field, healing, active blocking etc and the points won't be very "well spent" for leveling

3) Why do somethings only have a couple points in them? These were points I put in to allow me to move on to the next tier when the next feat I wanted required "X amount of feat points spent in Y" tree.

4) Why saintly warrior, instead of getting more magic resists in general? Because the amount of stam and mana returned from this feat is EXCELLENT and you fight alot more melee mobs opposed to casters while AoE'ing (and leveling in general).

5) Why did you take "the building storm"? Even for leveling, this feat is a great one to have for when you hop into a group for large scale grinding or instancing. You won't run out of mana if you're taking the hits, but in instances where a take needs to have aggro you'll enjoy the mana regen, and hey it's only one point.

More questions and answers can be added as they are brought to my attention,



Anonymous said...

Finally someone address that AOE killing is not something to shot for right out of the gates. Sure we have the tools to handle a couple mobs at the same time right away but what would be a break down on lvl, build (for example once you have improved such and so), and size of groups? What gear should a leveling ToS focus on?

Fordem said...

Well the point i want to make by this comment is the fact that on end game builds TOS should work with a good mana pool and stamina return is also good for it. However, wont the lack of magic resistance be a problem with higher lvl bosses on the way. At least on the mmorpg´s i´ve played they tend to be elementals and strong casters, making resistance an strong and important stats.

Anonymous said...

Good guide.. ive followed your many builds and have adjusted mine to suit.

Ive stopped at lvl 50 for now and im lvling up a BS and Barb, but the ToS will be my main.

just reset my feats and followed your final build, going down the thunder tree then lightening, and then finally general.

Lets hope it works out.

Keep up the good work