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Friday, June 13, 2008


Hey everybody, as many of you know spellweaving is now "working" for us Tempests. This post is intended to give a breakdown of the buffs and effects of spellweaving. This not a "how to" guide as honestly I haven't used it much and it seems impractical in most situations.

First of all you get MANY smalls buffs from it, such as crits bonus modifier, crit chance, overall damage, AoE radius etc.

What's unfortunate, however, is the lack of "weaving," realyl what you do is click one button to gain it's effect while in spellweaving mode. Below I'll list the options for buffs.

1) Arcane Renewal, choosing this buff increases your stam regen by 199/3 seconds for 6 seconds

2) Arcane Surge causes all of your spells to inflict maximum damage for 10 seconds.

3) Set's Rebuke, for 12 seconds you have a chance when hit to send out a bolt of lightning at your attacker, hitting anyone in it's path.

4) Power Surge gives you a +50% damage multiplier for 10 seconds, but increases your cast times by 25% for the duration.

For each each stage of spellweaving you reach (each drains more and more hp/stam) you will get more and more damage benefits, every time you reach a new stage (or so it seems, every 15 seconds) you get to chose another buff to apply from the above list.

While spellweaving has some really neat effects, the only place I can see this being effective is in raids, if you have other team members healing you and restoring your stam you could stay in a spellweaving state and pump out some insane damage. Unfortunately it really has no place in pvp. Once you enter spellweave state you have to stay in it for 10 seconds before leaving. While it DOES make you immune to knockbacks as of today's patch, you effectively CC yourself in a root for 10 seconds. While the buffs may be neat, the fact that you'll get injured from it and the fact that a good player will simply run out of your stationary range, makes it lackluster in most situations that I've been in / can think of.

Thanks for reading everyone hopefully you have a little better idea about it now :)


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Ole Bueker said...

Advice : Register at conanarmory and build your specs there. The layout is better than goonheim or whatever you are using ( imo ) and there are lots of people building new specs ( atm there a like 60 builds..), there is a rating system and you can comment on other specs.
I would appreciate your opinion on my specs, too (my conanarmory account is Pandah).

p.s. : I think Mythriel postet your Raiding spec at conanarmory claiming it's his.