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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Settar's Predicament...

While I have enjoyed writing and receiving the positive responses from the community, I've built myself up a burden. I hope you will all understand that while I will try to continue to add to the community's ideas on the forums and such, I can't be as active out-of-game as I previously was, I haven't yet decided the fate of this blog, most likely I'll bring my posts to 1-2 per week, but the possibility for cutting off postings completely is still there. Feel free to drop your ideas/comments, I'll update you guys later, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Nooo :)

Well if you have some thoughts just scribble them down in notepad orso and publish them.

I like most of your stuff, keep on going ?

Or you going to be more active in US ToS forums ?

Jackal - Soulstorm (EU) said...

To be perfectly honest you've done enough already. You've been a massive help for me in getting up to speed with this game and my Tempest. All I can say is Thankyou. As far as the blog goes ( love the vids btw ) I'd be happy with one update a week. Just let us know what you've been up to and anything new and interesting your experimenting with! and again, thankyou for all the time and effort you've put in already.

Ole Bueker said...

I agree with Jackal. You helped my alot to get a spec for leveling and finding the great feats ( although they got nerfed xD ).
Dunno what you are doing with your blog, but if you need a great raid spec, check out my Storm Field Raiding Spec, love it so far ;)

Thanks for the great stuff =)

Dalcos said...

I got to 44 using heavy lightning before I decided to check out your blog, I had heard of you during EA. Gotta say your leveling build has been great the last 2 levels, added alot of survivability. I'm glad I leveled heavy lightning to see what the differences are though and I recc. it to people although its not as efficient or near as riskless.

Anonymous said...

You'r blog is great. Helped me out a lot of times and saved many things, I wanted to test as well. Please tell me(us), where you will be publishing in future, so that we can learn and participate as well.

Thank you mate.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to hear from you past couple of patches did change alot for us even tho most of us are near 80 some of the Tempest of Set people might need some help :)