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Monday, June 2, 2008

First Movie Pack Released on! FotD 6!

Hey everyone my first video pack on AoC movies is up! This is a feat of the day video pack packaging the last two videos with a BRAND NEW video! You'll find the video HERE! Also be sure to rate the video (I hope you like it) after you download as I am participating in's Gore To Fame Contest! Notes about the video can be found in the video's description! Thanks and let me know what you think :)

P.S. The new FotD video will be posted to youtube later this week, but I suggest you download the high quality packaged movie first :)



Anonymous said...

New Patch (6/2/08) increased Triumphant Life of Set's damage but turned it into a 3 second DOT instead of instant damage. Im thinking of bypassing Guiding Spirit since spamming LoS wont produce the damage it originally did. Opinion?

Anonymous said...

hey settar can you tell me what skills you raised on your TOS? what skills you plan to max and what skills are useless? im on a pvp server as well.

Settar said...

Casting conc, hide, run speed, climbing just for leveling. More info on this later. As for spec, I will be completely switching specs soon.

Anonymous said...

hey s3ttar when you do your big pulls for your videos do you use active shielding is that how you stay alive so long because when i take like 2 - 3 mobs my HOTS don't really cut it.. :( maybe it's cause im less pro.. but it would be hard to juggle.. can you tell me what stats are on your equipment? because I hear alot of the stats like +wisdom items are bugged and don't really give any benefits? should I just look for + hp items?

Oliver said...

Hey Settar, I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. I won't be starting playing AoC for another 2 weeks so it is cool to be able to gather so much info about ToS.

I want to play either ToS or DT. My only worry is that ToS will get nerfed while I am leveling my char as they seem a little OP at the moment. Do you think this is the case?

As an addition to your site I think you should make a feats guide from 1-80 telling people the best feat to choose at each level. I know it would be really useful for me when I start the game!

Alexei said...

hey Settar, can you tell what is second song that playing in your megapack2 video?

Set'tar said...

All of the classes are changing this early on, so I'd go with whatever you think sounds fun because I guarantee the classes will be wayyy different a few months from now.

As for the song... one sec...That song is "Ain't nothin wrong with that" by robert randolph and the family band... :P