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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feat of the Day #7 Analysis of Power/Wrath of the Serpent Ring

Today I'm going to be talking about 8 points in the right hand side of the thunder tree, both Power of the Serpent Ring and Wrath of the Serpent Ring.

Power of the Serpent Ring, I'll refer to it as PSR in the rest of this article, is currently broken in terms of how it is supposed to work. It SHOULD make you immune (or near immune) to spells for three seconds. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work right now, you have to have it up BEFORE they begin casting their spell (or so it seems) for any damage to be mitigated, but with a 3 second duration, you're likely not to catch anything with this feat. Then why would you want to take it?

For Wrath of the Serpent Ring, or WSR. With 5 points in this feat you'll get a great damage increase (30%!) for 10 seconds, while 10 seconds may not seem like A LOT of time, it's plenty for column lightning, lightning strike or storm field pulses etc, you'll have plenty of time to get a few solid casts off. The best thing about this feat, as I mentioned in a previous write up, is it has a ONE minutes cooldown. Now, you won't have it up every time it's off CD, but in theory you're spending 1/6 of your pvp encounters with a 30% damage increase; thus an approximate 5% overall damage increase (30% divided by 6).

This is also a great feat for PVP specs that are built around burst, once someone gets low in, stun them and then throw this up to ensure your finishing blow does indeed finish them. Because of the amount of feat points needed (8) it's difficult to work this into a leveling build, but if you're leveling thunder you could skip the idol feats (since the CD and its being stationary makes it inefficient for leveling) and grab this, meaning you could burn mobs down quicker and take larger pulls when it's up!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions about this let me know!


P.S. Look for my leveling build sometime tomorrow, I'll be posting it up tomorrow and explaining my choices for those ToS's not yet 80 (and from those who are 80, your input is welcome)!

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